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Meet Our Team

We’re on a mission to see needs, lift burdens and to serve those who serve orphans and widows. 
Chris Fowler

Chris serves on the board at Pushpay/Church Community Builder, is an Elder at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, works with the Mission Innovation Group for OneChild, and started Church Community Builder. He is a visionary, loves delightful design, and is a composer. Chris’ vision for The James One 27 Initiative grew out of a deep rooted desire to serve orphans and widows.

Laura Fowler

Laura believes there is no purer way to connect with God’s heart for people than to care for the needs of the vulnerable. She serves on the board for Mayfield Counseling Centers, and has volunteered with Mary’s Home, both located in Colorado Springs.

Free Grafton

Free serves with YWAM Emerge, an organization focused on creating business solutions to change poverty in developing nations, serves on the Board for Mayfield Counseling Centers, was a co-founder of Church Community Builder, and New Song Community Church before that. He is energized helping Kingdom-focused organizations grow, ensuring it's done with transparency, excellence, and knowing when they are effective at their purpose. 

Anna McIldoon

Anna began working with Church Community Builder in 2015, and has evolved in her role expanding to her involvement in The James One 27 Initiative. She volunteers within her local community to serve the vulnerable, and believes in being the hands and feet of Jesus to meet tangible needs throughout the world. Anna is behind the scenes of The James One 27 Initiative working to equip our global ministry partners with services that will empower them to fully do what only they can do serving orphans and widows worldwide.

Niki Parks

Niki also lives and pastors at Casa Angelina in Guatemala with Jeremiah and their three kids. With her degree in International Community Development, cross-cultural and pastoral experience, Niki brings insight and creativity to the table, writing inspiring devotional content for The James One 27 Initiative. She enjoys engaging with our global ministry partners, bringing support and encouragement to those who are the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans and widows.

Jeremiah Parks

Jeremiah and his family live and pastor at an orphanage in Guatemala called Casa Angelina, a ministry partner of The James One 27 Initiative. He spent years in vocational ministry at New Life Church in Colorado before founding a non-profit that inspires others to serve the vulnerable. Jeremiah is a charismatic and engaging leader who loves traveling and preaching, and is devoted to serving orphans and widows on the frontlines.

Dana Rasic

Dana is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Bethesda Ministries, Bethesda Associates and Bethesda Foundation.  He began his career with Bethesda in 1996 and, in January 2007 he was added to the Bethesda Ministries Board of Directors and was selected to fill the role of CEO in July of 2007. For most of his career he has been involved with helping widows (the elderly in assisted living) and orphans (kids in the OneChild Hope Centers).  The James One 27 Initiative aligns perfectly with his life’s work.

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