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Administrative Services

We provide a suite of administrative services to grassroots ministries that exist to look after orphans and widows. You can hire us to handle a variety of administrative responsibilities, so you can  focus on your mission  .


The Scriptures teach Christ-followers that we all have a responsibility to help care for orphans and widows. Many of us can do this by giving our resources. However, if you are on the front lines, you are the hands that hug and hold and feed these precious ones. We want to help lighten your load so you can do what only you can do.


Building and maintaining a website is hard! Let us help you.  

Donor Management

Drowning in communication and expensive systems? We can help!


From receipts to payroll, let's get you into simple solutions that work!


The important work of staying legal can sneak up on the best of us! We'll keep you on track!

Are you a 501c3 interested in connecting with us? 
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